Find Gulf Access Homes for Sale in Cape Coral, FL


If you have arrived at this page is probably because you've heard about our many canals with access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you are a recreational boater who likes to go to the beach, and we have some beautiful ones nearby, or travel by boat to visit our waterfront restaurants,  an avid fisherman, a sailor, participate in water sports, or just want to enjoy the view, there is a home for you in Cape Coral. I can take you to the Gulf access homes for sale in the Cape Coral, FL area, that are right for your lifestyle.

Homes with Gulf access come in many sizes and many designs, ranch, mediterranean, modern, etc., some old, some brand new.  Besides the age and the size of a house, the price of these homes is relevant to their location, not only whether they are close to the river which eventually takes you to the Gulf, but also whether there are any bridges to go under, which depending on the size/height of your vessel may limit you to the more expensive areas which we call direct access or sailboat access.

When you are looking for a home with Gulf access, I can guide you to purchase the right home for you. There are many things to consider, such as if your sailboat has a deep draft, you need to know which canals will present a problem and which ones would be best suited for your boat. Are you the kind of person who will spend a lot of time outdoors by the pool? Do you want lot of sun all day or some of the day? Is this going to be your permanent home or a seasonal home? Will you be renting it as a vacation home?  Are you an empty nester, and want to have nearby entertainment? Let me help you with these and any other question you may have. 

Perhaps, you would rather build a home, let me help you find the right gulf access location for your new home. This is a major step and you want to make sure you build in the right spot. 

You can begin your search for Gulf access homes for sale on my home page .  You can try the Most Common Searches or use the Advanced Search.  As always, you can contact me for your own Client Portal which I will be happy to create for you.  We can discuss your wants and needs and then I will do the work for you!  There will be no need for you to jump from website to website, because all the properties will be in your portal, updated immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Patricia Knoll