Real Estate Agents Available in Cape Coral, FL

Patricia has been a full time realtor since 2003. 

After living in the Netherlands for almost 8 years, Patricia and her family took a year off to cruise on their sailboat.  

During this year they visited several countries in Europe and spent six months in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Patricia home schooled her two children while at sea.

Upon arriving in Florida in June of 1998 and driving down the West coast of Florida looking for a place to live and to keep their 36 ft sailboat, they discovered Cape Coral offered everything they needed, good schools, safe neighborhoods, and a deep water canal for JOMARY. Cape Coral has been home  for Patricia ever since.

Patricia loves to travel, dance, kayak, zumba, and more.

In 2001, because of her boating and computer background, Patricia was hired by the University of Florida to work on a boat census and depth sounding  project.  Patricia travelled each and every Gulf access canal in Cape Coral for a period of about 10 months.  You can say she knows the canals of Cape Coral fairly well. The information gathered is now available to the public thru the Lee County Appraiser website. 

As an advisor and real estate agent in Cape Coral, FL, Patricia has the pleasure to work with many people from all over the world.  Patricia is fluent in Spanish, her birth country is Mexico.


Patricia Knoll, your real estate agent Cape Coral, FL